Photograph of Charity Corcino

About Me

Charity graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She also has an Associate’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in New Media. While attending college, Charity was as a full-time student and worked full-time. Toward the end of her college years and after graduation, she worked for some of the biggest Telecommunications and Software Manufacturing companies in the world. It was an amazing experience but just being an End User did not fulfill her. In the summer of 2015 she decided to use direct every resource that she had to pursue her passion: software engineering. A couple of months later (August 2015) her life would change forever due to a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Imagine not being able to read one sentence on a page without having a massive migraine. Due to being hit in a head-on collision by a negligent driver her short-term memory was nonexistent, her speech and vocabulary were severely disabled, and she was in physical therapy re-learning how to keep her balance when walking. Through the pain, she still tried to teach herself to code. Learning to code (even in short bursts until she was able to be on a computer for more than 30 minutes without pain or dizziness) had a tremendous role in her traumatic brain injury recovery process. Now, words cannot express how much joy she feels programming for 10 hours and have it feel like only an hour or two has passed.

A little over a year after the car accident, Charity was accepted to Fullstack Academy in New York City. While there, she won a hackathon award for her sole project in which she taught herself C# in less than a week to create a 3D and VR first-person shooter basketball game over four days. Since graduating Fullstack Academy, Charity is gainfully employed as a Software Engineer at Toast Inc. She also has been part of a number of organizations/meetups such as New York Software Engineers (NYSE), Women Who Code NYC, Girl Develop It NYC, NYJavascript, Women in AR, New York Android Developers, and more because she enjoys being immersed in the tech scene.

When she is not coding, Charity enjoys playing basketball, playing/watching other sports, traveling, spending time with friends and family, finding hidden gems in NYC's restaurant scene, and indulging in all things GLAM.


If you'd like to follow her on Twitter or Instagram, her username is @GlamGirlCodes for Twitter and GlamGirlCodes for Instagram.